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About the Kerbal Alarm Clock

The Kerbal Alarm Clock was created to help me stop missing points of interest as I warped past them unintentionally (a lot).

Over time it has grown to add features as requested and add in a lot of good ideas and feedback from the KSP community

With the Kerbal Alarm Clock you can create alarms for the following situations:

  • Raw time alarms – created for either a specific date/time or a specific period in the future;
  • Manuever node – create an alarm based on the next maneuver node on the current ships flight path. This node will be stored and can be restored when you come back to the ship;
  • SOI Point – create an alarm manually based on when the next SOI point is on the flight path, or set the alarm clock to continually monitor the active flight path and add alarms as it detects SOI changes (there is also a backround check you can enable for ships to notice simple name changes in the SOI for any background vessel, but it will not slow time before hand and will miss the SOI change by a fair margin under warp);
  • Transfers - create an alarm based on Interplanetary Transfer Phase Angles – ie. When should I launch to planet X – Based on Kosmo Not’s post and used in Olex’s Calculator;

For all alarms you can give them :

  • A short name to show in the list;
  • Some more detailed message information;
  • An action to take when the alarm is reached – message only, cancel time warp or pause the game;
  • For Event alarms – eg Maneuever’s, SOI events, etc. you can also set a margin – ie. How long before the event should the alarm fire;Set the alarms to kill the warp rate in the game so you don't go flying past them, or to pause the game so you can be AFK;

Other useful features/notes are:

  • Edit the details of the alarm up until the point when it fires;
  • Jump back to the ship that the alarm is related to when it fires;
  • No need to add a part to any vessel;
  • Alarms are persisted between sessions and independent for each save game you have;

Links and further Information

Spaceport Page – Main Download location

Forum page – Information, discussion and feedback

Source Code Page – Codeplex project including Alternate download

Version History

Installing and Upgrading

Installation of this plugin is the same as most other KSP plugins. You should follow the usual steps as outlined on the spaceport page to install it.


If you are upgrading you may want to NOT overwrite the config.xml file which contains the plugin settings. Your alarms are stored in a text file that will not be overwritten by an upgrade. That said I highly recommend backing up your alarm files before an upgrade if you want to keep them.

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