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Source code for Plugin to KSP

This plugin allows people to set alarms and kill warp rate when these are triggered. 

Built this plugin to prevent those moments where Jeb looks at you in the little window and thinks "There goes that manuever node, Looks like you didn't press ',' enough Boss"

Kerbal Alarm Clock allows you to:

  • Create an alarm using raw time values;
  • Create an alarm based on the next active manuever node;
  • Create an Alarm at the next SOI Point.
  • Automatically have these SOI Alarms made for you.
  • Create an alarm based on Apoapsis, Periapsis, Ascending Node or Descending Node (New in
  • Create an Alarm based on Planetary Transfer Windows (using Phase Angle Calculations); (New in 1.3.3)
  • Create an alarm based on closest encounter between vessels;
  • Create an alarm based on the alternate "Earth" universe;
  • Set the alarms to kill the warp rate in the game so you don't go flying past them;
  • Alternatively set the alarms to pause the game so you can be AFK;
  • Set the Alarm clock to notify you when any vessel changes to a new SOI;
  • Add a helpful message so you remember what the alarm is for;
  • When an alarm fires jump to the ship that set the alarm.
  • When creating the alarm from a Maneuver Node, you can restore this from each alarm.
  • No need to add a part to any vessel;
  • Persists the alarms, and keeps separate lists for each save;
Plugin Pic

More details can be found on the forum thread

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